Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kids follow parents example.... this is new research?!

Here's the title from my favorite research study site:

Parenting and Home Environment Influence Children's Exercise and Eating Habits

My goodness, will wonders never cease?  Kids follow their parents example in exercise and nutrition, there's a shocker.  In fact it's so surprising that scientists have conducted a study to determine the details, you can find it here

Combine that with the new determination by the AMA that obesity is a disease (here), and you've got parents giving kids a disease through lazy poorly fed upbringings.  Does this mean we as parents will be required to enforce healthy eating habits for our kids?!  Maybe.  

I love my kids and want the best for them, perhaps that means I'll be a cruel man and require my kids to finish their veggies, get off the couch, and get outside!  Apparently that means I'm fighting disease in my home as a (mostly) responsible daddy.
Kudos to Carrots.

Should we be compelled to do this?  No friggin way.

I'm gonna go ride my bike now.... 

Monday, May 6, 2013

The C word

Cracked, Carbon.

Those two words are like nails on a chalkboard to those of us who "must" use the infernal material.  Oh how I would love to stick with an alloy, or with anything other than over-rated paper mache.  But in order to remain competitive it's almost required.

No, not my handlebars.  Saw this last year at OVRR a crash in the cat 4 field, and pretty sure that's the owners blood across the SCOTT logo.

Fortunately, prices aren't too bad for carbon components now, but maybe that's just a mental shift that taking this sport seriously has had.  Suddenly spending more on my bike then on my car seems reasonable.  Suddenly Italian and French gear isn't just a silly waste of money (ok, maybe still is).  Suddenly formerly "high" prices seem much more "reasonable".

In reality I think(know) the market has opened up to carbon manufacturing  and you can find things like carbon rims for 1/3 the price they used to be. (hint: cheap wheels )

So I'm getting ready to race at Olympic View Road Race in Brady, WA and what do I discover by 2 cracks in my carbon fork:

Though this one is the worst:

Of course given that I've got about 20 minutes before our race rides away there's zero chance to do anything about it.  So being a dangerous risk taker that I am (*ahem*), I go looking for the right teamate to ask.  "Oh that's just a surface crack, no worries.  But get it changed out after the race", just the response I was fishing for.  Opted to race, and low and behold just fine.

However, now I know about the cracked fork and if something did happen I would never relent on the mental I told you so's.

So I found a sweet used fork at Recycled Cycles, got it installed all in one mighty swoop, and learned from the mechanic how to change a fork, cool.  Less than $100 for the whole operation, and now conscience assuaged I feel free to hammer to my heart's content again.  Albeit, a bit uglier for the time being.

Stupid carbon.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pacific Raceways, the other type of racing

It's April 3rd 2013, we've already begun racing on the road now.  My fitness level is coming along nicely, and the races are of course a total blast.  My team is working well together and I'm getting a chance to focus on some of the finesse that I love most with cycling... tactics.

So where can a person get some hands on practice in about 30 minutes of racing, where your competitors are out for the same reasons as you? (ie: fitness, and practice)  Pacific Raceways, and Seward Park.

I'm totally loving these unsanctioned races and the chance to test out some concepts that have been haunting me....

Unsanctioned races = My tactics workbench

Friday, February 1, 2013

Transition time, roadwork here I come!

The end of cyclocross racing season is always a bummer for me.  That means I'll have to start training indoors, or out on the road in the rain, very little mud instead it's mostly road grit.

Oh well, that also means that road races are coming up!  

Very much looking forward to working with my team, and very focused on my fitness during the off-season. 

This will be a great year!