Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Davis Double Century -Thursday- Day 1

The trip down to CA was uneventful.  Met up with the fellas in Edmonds and rolled out before light.  Getting to Campy's house should be a piece of cake by now.  I've been there probably a dozen times now, but the problem is that I really only memorized how to get there from the saddle of a bike.  At least that's my excuse and I like it.

So as I drive to meet our 3 team member at his house plans change and I'm late getting to Campy's now!  So I drove a wide circle to find my way back to a familiar road, then I see a lone van with bike rack headed the approximate direction I knew to go.  So I follow...

We all meet up, and begin loading the minivan full of gear.  I'm relieved to find out I had packed the least amount of stuff, therefore do not deserve the title of "packing like a girl" because as we all know most come with many many bags of accessories. Little did I know that this light packing would end up being a drawback later as I didn't bring knee warmers, pants, or food... duh.

Load the bikes up, grab a seat, hit the road.

We're well past traffic before it hits, and are making good time on the trip down.  Of course being new to the sport of cycling, I have to admit: "There's a ton of junk you've got to pack!" not only that if you miss even one of the smallest items like chapstick, it could make the day of the big ride miserable.  So every item that goes with you could be a game changer.
Forget the helmet: no ride
Forget the bike shorts: no ride
Forget the clipless shoes: no ride
Forget the nutrition: no ride
...on and on....

Some things are just flatout miserable to forget, like sunscreen, chamois cream, legwarmers, food,  but you can make do.

So we get to Davis finally without any major incident, and I've successfully dehydrated enough on the trip to no longer pee every hour, success.

5pm: We check in to 2 hotel rooms, deciding that squeezing the 3 of us into 1 room would be a bit tricky, and since Roy (not his real name) snores he get's his own room.  I'm of course happy to be splitting the cost with a friend, (who dosn't snore) and we quickly get situated.

We then head off to get some dinner. Fish and chips. It's shame they breaded the life out of Tilapia and then overcook it! Maybe that's how college kids like it though (UCDavis).  Good thing those kids are in school, so they can learn what good food actually tastes like!

Oh well, off to wander the streets, and eventually make our way back to the hotel.  I hit the sack wondering what kind of 'light ride' we have planned for tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Davis Double Century & Tour of California -Packing

Got all the packing done, got the ride set up.  Even got a sponsor, thank you Nuun!

Now just need to get some sleep.

Tonight, I will be working the normal shift at the YMCA, and then to sleep hopefully by 11pm. To get back up again at 3am, and on the road to meet up with fellow team-mates to head down to Davis, CA.  That's ok, tonight will be a perfect field test (second attempt) for Calms Forte, a natural sleep aid.  Don't worry, it has things like chamomile, green tea extract, and eye of newt.  So no narcotics, and so far no side effects!  Although, it's pretty much had no effect as well. Tonight I will see if it can take some of the 'edge off' my nervousness at the end of the night, and allow me to forget about all the things I didn't pack.

Isn't that strange?  We worry about the things that we forgot to pack.  Worry about forgetting something?  Perhaps we should be worried about remembering something instead.  One of those half-empty/half-full things I guess.  So I'm trying to 'Forget' about the things 'I Didn't Remember'.  Wish me luck...

The Davis Double Century is right near Sacramento, and hosts this years AMGEN Tour of California for stage 2 on Monday 5/17. I wonder if any of the competitors will be tooling around the course before their stage race the next day...

See the Tours site here: http://www.amgentourofcalifornia.com/

We will be able to catch stage 1 of the tour on Sunday, and look forward to seeing some of the top level racers up close and personal.  Hopefully, we can find a nice hilly spot, and run next to them wearing ridiculous hats and capes.  I'm thinking viking horns FTW.

Viking helmet or not, promises to be a fun time. Just more fun if we can be there to encourage the pros in costume.  Look for me on Univeral Sports.