Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heavy Hands

Master's swim last night
It's a group of folks who get together to train similar to Group Cycling aka Spinning.  The group environment gives everyone a chance to build skill together.  Although, there are plenty of folks much farther along then me in that regard.  It's hard to keep up sometimes, and I've got to keep reminding myself, "It's only been a couple months you've been swimming, relax".  It's great to watch them move through the water, slicing through the top 12 inches, rolling shoulders, breath, and repeat.  Of course I'm not in the advanced lane.  Those folks are so smooth!

It's like watching a school of fish, as they all are within 5 seconds or less of each other, carrying each following person in their draft.  Someday...

It was great to be able to complete the full hour last night.  I got to the Northshore Y a bit early and put some time on the treadmill just to warm up.  Also, practicing Joe Friels running technique/tips.  It's a bit tricky on the treadmill, and I can't wait to take it outside!  After the treadmill it was time to hop in the pool, and I was a bit aprehensive as the last 2 times I've cut out of class only halfway through.  My body has been a bit exhausted as a result of the recent changes in our house.

So last night, I was able to do the entire hour, and felt really good at the end.  There's something very satisfying about cooldown with the group.  We all struggle to do our 3x100 build, Heavy Hands, or 4x100 push and when the end of the class comes, we all enjoy a much slower cooldown pace. Specifically the DPS (distance per stroke) drill.  The idea is to get across the whole 25 yard with as few strokes as possible.  I can do 9 strokes, cheating (pushoff stay underwater and kicking) I can do 2.

The best part is when we're all done the water is still and quite.  The pool is empty except for just a few of us, and we're all wiped out ready to go home and sink into the bed...zzz...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why blog? It's just another time sink...

That's the thought.

With a family to raise, business to run, and training to complete, why blog?

It's a release of the ideas that bounce around. They need a place to land, and what better place than on the internet. Full of criticism, sarcasm, and surplus of bored folks, I expect this blog will end up getting ignored or even chastised by most.

However, if I can spark the interest to improve your life, then that is a major success. Seeking a reason to get inspired? I hope I can help with that.

My reasons to start writing now

2010 will be the first year...

..that I complete a triathlon.

..that my mother an amputee and inspriation, completes a traithlon.

..we will be crossing the finish together. mother-in-law completes a triathlon.

..that I complete over 100 mile on a bike (century).

..that I complete over 200 miles on a bike (aka double century).

..that I publish public goals for everyone to see, and hold me accountable for.