Saturday, November 1, 2014

Joe Montava -2013

Raced the Masters 1/2/3 at Joe Montava, simply because I could!  Great to be in a category that allows doubles like this.  Masters race went off hard and maintained a fast pace the whole time (25.7 mph avg).  Got to race on my new bike, and I love it. 

Took it easy for most of the race hiding in the pack in order to conserve energy, was planning on keeping the HR right around 160, and was able to stay there for most all of the race.  Only at one point did I go redline, and I don't think that was even the final sprint!?  
Saw a couple crashes, but really enjoyed the new category. Even saw some of my buddies from cat 4 who must have upgraded around the same time as me.  Ended up swarmed, and intentionally avoided putting much heart into the finishing sprint.  Saving the matches for the next race...

Open 3s, as Bart said saw 5 Roosters!  Was great to see so many out, and I was eager to get to work together with some guys where we could.

Pace seemed completely manageable (23.7 mph avg)in the 3s field, with some mostly solid line holding, only a couple times did I feel at risk until eventually on the back stretch someone over-reacted to a crash in the middle of the field jumping hard left, into my front wheel.  I dove left but not quite quick enough, we both went down and I slid on my butt for aways. Excising myself from the pavement I could tell I'd mostly slid and not hit hard, indeed my chain was still on and everything.  Bike was in good shape.

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