Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wenatchee Omnium/Crit -2013

  I had skipped the TT knowing that I wouldn't be racing Sunday on the road, so the GC didn't matter to me, and I was only in it for any points that could be scored for upgrade and to help out others.  Since this was a 4/5 mix field and I knew the showing would be small it was unlikely to get much points unless I took 1-3rd.  

The first prime goes off and I'm in a great spot to chase the group, there started 3 of us but mostly it was another rider and myself that were contesting it.  He had entry to the 3rd corner nailed, so there was literally very little chance of catching him after the downhill and corner 4.  I put some energy into drafting and sprinting it out with him but backed off well before redline realizing that there was no chance at that speed to pop up ahead.  Felt like a safe bet and we both sat up to rejoin.

As soon as the front of the pack caught us, another break formed and the pack didn't respond quick enough, a group of  ... 5 or so was off the front.  Eventually that would turn to 3 riders (I thought it was more than that) and my chances of scoring any points was pretty much gone.  But that just meant the chance to work some tactics with the fellas was a much higher priority.

Nick and I attempted to work off the front and real in the break but nobody else seemed to put any effort into it... I even badgered the other riders to get to work, but I'm pretty sure either they were all barely holding on, or were just flat out lazy.  I tried to see who's teams were in the front and couldn't get a good view of jerseys to see who could be blocking.  Note: always see what teams are upfront so you can identify folks trying to slow the pace.

Anyways I rolled up to Alex, said hi and started the slow acceleration up to the front, when I knew he was on I attacked and drug him and Nick as far as possible hoping that he'd be in good position for corner 3 (the crucial corner) and the rest is history. I do enjoy hearing other teams comment "watch those Roosters" seems that we've made a name for ourselves.  Many teams are watching us, and I know Apex in particular feels we're a threat. Officials screwed up the last lap call, and I somehow ended up with a DNF, but couldn't care less so didn't protest the result.

Did however work with the officials to help find Alex's finish and they were really cordial about it.  I've found the officials to be really quite reasonable if you approach them level headed and with a good argument.

Nick's a strong dude, and it will be fun to work with him when he hits the 4's.  Enjoyed the ride over chatting with Johnathan about all kinds of things, made the time fly by.  Also, took a dip in the Columbia river for some ice bath recovery before the drive home.

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